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The Cochran’s Ski Club is dedicated to providing ski race training opportunities to children of all ages in a family oriented environment. Club kids should demonstrate an outward interest in ski racing and have at least advanced beginner ski skills. Parent participation is expected both in supporting and preparing their racers for training and races and in carrying out Club functions. Racers who train with the Cochran’s Ski Club are expected to represent the ski club at regional races. In addition to training and competition, the club engages in a wide variety of related social activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.



Our philosophy is to encourage every child to participate in some races, regardless of their ski racing ability. We strive to give club kids a sense of accomplishment through improvement in their skiing skills in the context of ski racing. In reaching these objectives we never overlook the fact that the purpose of ski racing or of any competitive sport is to have fun!


Responsibilities of the ski club racer:

Ski club racers are expected to follow the coaches’ guidelines, help in set up and take down of gates each training day, ski respectfully on the lift and trails as other public skiers and riders will be using the area, cheer on their Club teammates at racing events, and exhibit good sportsmanship and a downright fun and positive attitude.


Responsibilities of the ski club family:

Club parents and children of each family agree to work together to support the ski club's activities. Parents, especially, are expected to work at the Cochran’s Ski and Ride sale, participate in fall trail and Ski Area maintenance, and volunteer at ski races hosted by Cochran’s. The ski sale is a three-day event held on the first weekend in November. Fall maintenance, usually coinciding with dryland training for racers on Sundays in September and October, includes trail and equipment preparation and reparation. During the ski season, the club hosts at least four races for which there are a number of race-day jobs.  These activities often bring families together in a shared experience that fosters a healthy Club spirit and friendships.


Age Groups:


U10 Program (ages 9 and under)

Much of the Cochran’s spirit is defined by the genuine experience of the U10 racers. These little guys make Cochran’s their home and playground more fully and effectively than anyone. For these skiers the transition of Cochran’s as a place they learn-to-ski with their family, to being part of their first team, getting to know a group of people and being a part of the community, is usually a powerful experience. Racers must be able to ride the lift alone, and put on their own equipment. The Vermont Alpine Racing Association makes a schedule of roughly 5 races throughout Northern Vermont. Participation is optional, but encouraged. The Vara races require VARA & USSA licenses. The Head Coach will assign U-10 racers certain days on which practice will cater to their needs, courses, instruction, etc. This will be roughly 2 afternoons a week and certain times during the weekend. During school vacations it will be more often. 


U12 Program (ages 10 - 11)

At this point skiers are starting to adapt their skiing towards the two disciplines, slalom and GS. Families at this point have the option of having one pair of skis for both events or splurging for GS and SL skis and equipment. We encourage you to talk to the coaches about what type of equipment is best for your racer. U12 still focuses on skiing fundamentals and becoming a well rounded balanced skier who can bring these abilities into a race course. U12 is not too late to start racing, in fact this is a great age to begin, as a youngster’s body is stronger and more able to handle the forces of skiing. 


U14 Program (ages 12 - 13)

Described by many as the heart and soul of ski racing, U14 racers have often reached a level of skiing and maturity where they begin to push themselves and improve at fast rates. While Cochran’s maintains a laidback and fun atmosphere at all times, U14 is the first ski racing age group where athletes get ranked within their region and have the ability to advance to the State Championships and onward. Although the VARA platform is more intense at this age, fun and skills development are Cochran’s top objectives. It should also be noted that many of the nations top skiers were not highly ranked or accomplished skiers at this age. Hard work is more important than success at the U14 age.


U16+ Programs (U16, U19, U21, ages 14 and up)

Because the U16 racer will be racing among older ages, with their high school team and/or in the ranks of VARA/USSA state races, we have combined the training activities of the U16, U19 and U21 age groups to prepare these racers to ski, train and race (and inspire each other!) together as the “U16+”. The level of competition for these age groups is bound to be a “bump up” from the younger years, and yet racing goals for this group can span those whose sights are set strictly on high school team racing to those that have aspirations for competing at the national level. For more information on the U16+ program, click here.





For March 2017...


Tuesday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Wednesday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Thursday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Friday: 3:00pm - 8:00pm Rope-a-thon!

Saturday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am - 4:00pm


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